GES Resource is a company dedicated to technical translations, interpretations, and training since 1990. Using state of the art equipment with our simultaneous interpretation services, our clients include major companies, civil organizations, and government agencies. Certified six years under ISO 9001, our services are a constant demonstration of excellence and professionalism.
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Excellent Results in the ISO 9001 Audits

auditIn the last four years of independent audits by IRAM of the GES Quality Management System, the auditors did not find Nonconformities, and , at the same time...


¿What's a Translation like under an Internationally Certified Quality Management System? 

translateIn GES, once the request has been received from the client, the translation is controlled under a documented process...


¿What's a Simultaneous Interpretation like under an Internationally Certified Quality Management System?

interpretationOur interpretation services are documented under our quality management system...





GES is a specialist in technical translations, offering its services to client companies and organizations around the world.




The GES simultaneous interpreters offer simultaneous technical translation around the world using its own professional equipment.